Redundant monitoring. Enterprise connectivity.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) locations are managed by certified system administrators and security professionals.

High Speed

Fully redundant MPLS ring structure with a total capacity of 550 Gbit/s. Our network cross-connects between multiple data centers and assures that data moves quickly.

  • Cooling: Well systems, pumps and cooling circuits each with n+1 or 2n+1 redundancies
  • Auditing: Highest attainable rating of five stars in 2013 from Datacenter Star Audit (DCSA), TÜV certified according to ISO 27001t

Redundant Network

Redundant network cores in multiple data centers means that if a router to high-level network appliances goes down for any reason , there is no loss of service hence assuring 99.9% up time.

  • Availability is permanently maintained
  • Space: 14,000 sq ft
  • Capacity: 2MW generator, UPS-protected
  • Audited in accordance to SOC2 (Security Operation Center)
  • Cogent: 6x 10Gbit (+ further 10x 10Gbit available), TeliaSonera: 6x 10Gbit

Power Distribution

Electrical supply: Transformers, low-voltage mains distribution, UPS components and generators each with n+1 or 2n+1 redundancies

  • Fastest route is always selected automatically
  • Completely redundant layout: Upon loss of one carrier, the system rapidly switches to another backbone